Get The Best Results:
Our Support Package gives initial discussion about the best set up for your needs.

Followed by unlimited access to Back In Action's consultancy system:- so we can maximise the chances of you getting fabulous results.

Early user and Lifetime Guidance with Purchase:
The Mobiliser is clearly not a medical miracle on its own... it cannot instantly cure a slipped disc or have you running like an Olympic athlete... but when combined with our expertise most users find that many of their most troubling symptoms are not due to a health issue, but due to the way their body is reacting to it.  With our support package we will help you move from being a Beginner to an Intermediate and then to an Advanced Mobiliser User... at the right pace for you. Getting to advanced level takes time but has benefits. And as your life style and your fitness changes so will our advice. Our aim is to guide you to improved quality of life over years.

Extra help for localised issues:
Via our consultancy system we have been able to observe the progress of thousands of Mobiliser System users. Most get what they want with our help... which is great, but for some users the improvements in their body's movement and co-ordination reveal a localised issue that was previously difficult to see.  Our support package includes advice on the best practitioner methodology for you and includes treatment insurance of up to £300.

Other Telephone or online support
Our support package includes free ergonomic advice by telephone, by email or in store.

Detailed Instruction Book
Advice, advanced techniques & operation instructions.