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What do other riders say?

Famous riders Carl Hester, Bettina Hoy and Harry Meade tell Back In Action why they love The Mobiliser:

Numerous riders have given us feedback on their personal use of the Mobiliser. Many riders have hired and bought Mobilisers and have been happy to give us a testimonial about how and why they use the Mobiliser.

Testing done by Centaur Bio-mechanics concluded a measurable improvement in a riders balance after Mobiliser use. 

Carl Hester, MBE

"I started to use the Mobiliser at the end of 2013 after suffering with stiffness and back pain - falling down the stairs didn't help!
Dressage riders spend more time sat in the saddle than many other ridden disciplines and we have communication with the horse through our back, seat, legs and hands. All of these prime communication tools are connected to the spine and I have found that using the Mobiliser helps to keep my back much more mobile.

I feel refreshed and relaxed after using it and my sleep patterns are much more regular. It certainly helps me as part of a health and mobility regime that includes physio and exercise." *


- Carl Hester, MBE - British Dressage rider competing at Olympic level

Harry Meade

Harry was persuaded to contact us by Sandy Phillips, herself a Back in Action user. Sandy has seen many clients benefit from the Mobiliser and suggested that it could help Harry Meade optimise his spine.

"I still use the mobi daily. It's as good as a full massage and is amazing for suppleness. I take it in the lorry to all three-day events.


I couldn't recommend it more highly, and you don't need to have a back issue to warrant having a mobi, everyone who's serious about riding would benefit!."*


- Harry Meade

Bettina Hoy

"I suffered for years with disrupted sleep and back tension. Now after my purchase from Back in Action I drift to sleep easily.

However, the biggest difference has been with my riding - It isn't just experienced horses that go better, but young horse have also benefited.
Because my own body is now more poised, flexible and coordinated from using the Mobiliser, I can amplify the flatwork training I give to my horses." *


- Bettina Hoy

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