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How does the Mobiliser System work?

Well simply put; its a fantastic combination of our advice and guidance which when used in conjunction with the Mobiliser technology can achieve great results.


The device itself is using your own body weight as a mechanism for creating bend and stretch in your spine. Its a sensation that's quite hard to explain, but also amazing when you feel it. Some find it quite uncomfortable to be lifted and bent, but that's normal and we are able to ease this with the specialist 'early user' padding.

The Mobiliser doesn't just cover the spine, its travels right from the feet to the top of your head and every area in between. You are lifted from underneath enabling your spine to move freely and your rib-cage to expand without resistance. This combination, repeated over the 15 minutes that a session lasts, can create a wonderful upright feeling, a decrease in pain, relief from sciatica and all sots else.

We find almost all users can feel changes in the way their body works and feels after as little as one session and generally the effects of the first mobilisation last between a few hours and a two days. The speed of the changes is why we offer a complimentary first session in our showrooms... so you'll get a good idea of what it could do for you.


Many are a little apprehensive before using it for the first time and that's totally understandable! We know first hand how nerve racking it can be to have a spine that is permanently on the verge of spasm, or to be enduring a constant throbbing pain, sciatica or any number of other back problems. But we also know the potential for change through improved movement, reduced inflammation and decreased spasm. That's why we are always happy to chat it through by phone or walk you through your first session in store.

Its not the easiest thing to explain, but if you aren't able to come and visit us, we've got pretty good at explaining it and answering questions by phone or email over the years.


Think your back problem might be too much for it?

Why not ask us... There are not many people who contact us that we aren't able to help... and we are used to working with people with some very severe medical conditions.

Looking after those suffering with debilitating back pain is our specialist subject.

Back In Action developed The Mobiliser, which was tested by NATO, MOD, RAF and is used in every UK military Rehab Base. Our expertise, when added to The Mobiliser has helped tens of thousands beat back pain.



Two rollers with 56 individual thumbs move from head to toe.


Upper body heater warms and relaxes the muscles for a more intense massage.


The motor and power unit drives the rollers back and forth.


You can choose from the default program, or specifically target areas of the body.

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