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Mobiliser FAQ's

At last relief?

People seek us out to find a new approach and to claim their life back. Sometimes we can make a huge difference with a simple gadget, a chair or a mattress, but sometimes these will just be small relief for a big problem.   In that case they often choose The Mobiliser System, either to supplement exiting treatment or because they've already given up on treatment.

What does the Mobiliser do?

The Mobiliser hardware is used in our centers or at home and causes repeated movement at the facet joints along the spine, and this reminds the spinal system to move, and to share the movement between all joints. A session lasts 15 minutes.
Whilst lying on The Mobiliser the spinal joints are slightly pulled apart and they are moved through a range of movement that is somewhat less than normal healthy movement ... but typically more than the user can currently create for themselves.
The movements are kept below the level of an adjustment (the crack people hear at many medics) but are made hundreds and thousands of times with the intention of removing the compensations and creating natural movement.

What does it feel like?

At first most people find that moving their spine feels threatening, and may cause them to wonder if their spine should really be made to move that much. However, during the first 15 minute session, most users find their confidence grows, and afterwards most people describe feeling taller and more fluid. They usually find the next 24 hrs creates optimism. The second to 20th use of the Mobiliser can feel rather more tough, because the spine objects to being asked to work disused segments. Often early users of The Mobilisation System seek reassurance. And that's where our support comes in.

We monitor your Mobi journey and interact with you to get you past initial symptoms. We can and often do include your favorite medic in the on-line conversation. We see improvements in almost all users of the online consultancy.

How long before changes are apparent.... and do they hold?


Here we wish we had a crystal ball.
For recent injuries with recent compensations the body's ability to forget the compensations is very good. And removing the compensations often leads to a rapid improvement that does not deteriorate.
Users with recent compensations rarely use a Mobiliser for more than two months. Hence hiring a “Mobi” and using the support system is a good bet.
If, however, the compensations are well established it may be that the compensations will always recreate if they are not inhibited. In such circumstances many people buy a Mobi with life long consultancy and prefer this to taking painkillers for life. Often the user will continue to have treatment from their preferred medic, enthused by just how well the combination lets them lead a more normal, usually very active, life.

What do medics think of the Mobiliser System?

There are already hundreds of medics who use the Mobiliser System for their own well-being and that of their patients.
In October 2011 we received notice that The Mobiliser had passed the final stage in a five year plus Approval Process. This follows many years of testing by physios and GP's, and widespread use in medical centers in the UK and overseas.
The Mobiliser is in widespread use in the RAF, within both their medical centers and their gymnasiums.

How do I book to have one at home? 


Hire can be booked several ways, you can order directly through our partner site by Clicking Here. You can also drop us a message so that we can answer all your questions and get your delivery booked in, or you can call us. 

London: 020 7935 9120

Marlow: 01628 477177

Amersham: 01494 434343

Bristol: 0117 922 6377

To buy or to hire? 

Which of these you choose will be determined by a combination of factors such as: what you are looking to tackle, how much you are looking to spend, and how long you want to continue with treatment. To talk through the options with one of our lovely team, just drop us a message or give us a call. 

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