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 - Nell Mead ran a Mobiliser trial
 - Michael Rickman 11yr Mobiliser user
 - Dr Richard Gubbay explains the Mobiliser
How does The Mobiliser System
change lives?

Every week we hear "It's changed my life."

But don’t just take our word for it... On this page you can see videos from Therapists and Users. They explain why they use it, how long they’ve used it, what it gave them at first, and what's happened over time.
World Class Medics or Credible end users... you choose.

When you watch these videos we hope you will see that users are more enthusiastic than we could possibly convey... you’d think we were exaggerating!  Yet these views are commonplace... we could have made a thousand videos.
Ours is a very rewarding job!  We'd love to help YOU.

  1. Many hundreds of Medics own Mobilisers. All have long-term experience of the Mobiliser System and if you only want to see practitioner videos you can see them in the practitioner section of our website: Click Here to be taken straight there.
  2. In Sandra’s iPhone video, you won’t see a lot of British Reserve…. Sandra took her Mobiliser to New Zealand and the video was shot on the fly when Sandra came back years later to say “thanks for giving me my life back”.  One things for sure… you wont think we paid for this.  Its raw emotion and it has already inspired hundreds to get their life back… when that seemed unthinkable.  We are proud of having helped this wonderful woman.

Do you have a Mobiliser journey that you would like to share?
We would love to tell your story too!
Get in touch via the contact section of the website.

 - Sandra Craig was "45 and crocked"
 - Sandy Phillips: why the Mobiliser works
  - Mari, inspirational paralympian
 - Frances Long improves her dressage scores

NB, Testimonials on this site are genuine but all users are unique.  *Individual results can vary from person to person.

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