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The Mobiliser System in your practice?
Many practitioners across the globe use the Mobiliser in practice. In the below videos two of our longest term pracitioner users explain why:
Richard Gubbay*
Chiropractor Richard Gubbay has used a mobiliser in his practice for more than six years and still believes it is a fundamental part of continuing to provide the best possible service to his patients. 
We feel he does a  great good job in this short video of explaining how and why it works so well.
Sue Godwin*
Chiropractor Sue has owned a mobiliser for her degenerative spine for many years.  In this video Sue explains the benefits she's had from having a Mobiliser at home for 9 years... and the extra benefits she has gained by putting a second mobiliser into her practice.
NB. This video is aimed at practitioners considering having a mobiliser in their practice but it is also very informative for back pain sufferers who are considering using a mobiliser at home.
Nell Mead*

NB, Testimonials on this site are genuine but all users are unique.  *Individual results can vary from person to person.

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