The Mobiliser System for Sport

Dr Lady Ann Redgrave


The wife of British rower Steve Redgrave and is a qualified British surgeon and osteopath and works closely with the British Olympic Rowing squad.

Dr Ann was instrumental in the development of the Mobiliser System and has been a user ever since.


The Mobiliser System, is used at the Redgrave Clinic as a stand alone treatment or in combination with other treatments.

Harry Meade - Event Rider


Harry Meade, regularly uses a medical-grade massaging machine to aid riding mobility. The Mobiliser was recommended to Harry by his dressage trainer, Sandy Phillips, in 2008 - he now sees it as an essential piece of riding kit.


Using the fifteen minute massage and mobilising routine twice

a day, Harry says he feels straighter and more supple after he's

used it.


"I take it in the lorry to all three-day events.I couldn't recommend it more highly, and you don't need to have a back issue to warrant having a mobi, everyone who's serious about riding would benefit!” *
“The 'Mobi' has worked wonders. It's an excellent aid for keeping supple on a day-to-day basis and particularly useful in managing injuries from falls," *

 Lisa White - New Zealand International Grand Prix dressage rider

“I use the mobiliser because it makes me ride better, sleep better, and feel better. I have noticed amazing, life changing, differences in my ability to not hold on to tension through my body in training sessions.


I have found it helps me with relaxation and calmness.


I have a better ability to ride tense or nervous horses. I am less inclined to let their tension affect me… my relaxation and softness helps them let go of their tension.” *

Bettina Hoy - Olympic-level Equestrian rider

“I suffered for years with disrupted sleep and back tension. Now, after my purchase from Backinaction I drift to sleep easily.


However, the biggest difference has been with my riding – it isn’t just experienced horses that go better, but the young horses have also benefited. I can amplify the flatwork training because my own body is now more poised, flexible and coordinated from using the Mob”. *

NB, Testimonials on this site are genuine but all users are unique.  *Individual results can vary from person to person.

Chris Kirkland - Professional Footballer

Former Liverpool and England Goalkeeper Chris Kirkland was ready to call time on his career despite being just 30. Back pain and spasms were preventing him training and playing to his maximum ability. Yet in recent years he has been a permanent fixture between the Sheffield Wednesday posts and he feels his back is the best it has ever felt.


Kirkland will tell anyone that a device called The Mobiliser has saved his career.


He says he can now train the way he wants and prepare fully for games.

More about the Mobiliser in Sport:


UK Rowing: 

Dr Lady Ann Redgrave, Chief Medical Officer,  has placed many Mobilisers in and around UK Rowing.   Mobilisers also travel with groups to overseas training.  Elite squad reported to be using three times a day.  The squad use both Mobi1 and Mobi2.

Oxford Boat Race Team:
After a two month hire in which the response of their athletes was very good,  they purchased a Mobiliser and consider they gain health and competitive advantages.

Ryder Cup Captain:
Bernhard Gallagher OBE used a Mobiliser after prolapsing a disc in his neck.  His report of its substantial benefits is available. Thousands of golfers use Mobilisers.

One Premiership team has purchased a Mobiliser and one England Goalkeeper.  The Mobiliser is established in lower divisions where back up resources are less generous.
Team physios and players have reported increased playing times from players, less need for intervention, faster recovery from back issues, improved stamina.  (The unexplored value of Mobiliser would be home use by players)

Women’s Pentathlon Squad Bath:   

Purchased a Mobi after hiring for six months.


One LTA Professional that has worked with many of the games greats uses a Mobiliser every day and commends it highly.  Hundreds of club players use Mobilisers.

RAF Lossiemouth:   

The RAF have completed 6 years of Mobiliser testing and the Mobiliser passed the NATO medical committee in March 2011.  The RAF have over 20 Mobilisers, mainly located in rehab units around the UK and overseas.  The RAF recently started to add Mobilisers to fitness areas where the increase in thoracic expansion is known to improve performance.

World Class Horse Riding:

There are hundreds of Mobilisers in use by riders up to Olympic Gold Medal level.   One UK Champion and Olympic Coach has said that the Mobiliser brings improved Dressage after just two days.

Motor Racing:  

The Mobiliser was used by David Brabham to beat his back pain, but he then detected improvements in his driving.  Brabham has purchased Mobilisers for both sides of the Atlantic and considers the Mobiliser played a large part in his Le Mans victory and in his USA Series Win.  Brabham even used the Mobiliser during his team swap periods in the Le Mans race.

The Mobiliser forms part of the Driver’s support facility for Porsche Team in the UK and many drivers own Mobilisers.


*Testimonials on this site are genuine and given without incentive They are for guidance only