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The Mobiliser System for Back Pain
Most back pain sufferers use the Mobiliser System in their own home, often thanks to a recommendation from a philanthropic and trusted medic. The System can be used at home by the month (for a concentrated attack on back pain symptoms) or used as a lifelong preventative system.

Mobilisers are increasingly purchased by medics for their own health and are common within the very best medical practices where they speed up treatment. There is widespread agreement that changes occur faster and last longer when the Mobiliser is used daily, which is why we offer a variety of home use packages.
Sue Godwin
Chiropractor Sue bought a Mobiliser for her degenerative spine.  In this video Sue explains the benefits she's had from having a Mobiliser at home for 9 years... and the extra benefits she has gained by putting a second Mobiliser into her practice.
NB. This video was produced for practitioners considering having a Mobiliser in their practice but we get very good feedback from back pain sufferers considering using a Mobiliser at home.
Richard Gubbay
Chiropractor Richard Gubbay has used a Mobiliser in his practice for more than six years and has found it allows him to offer a faster recovery to patients with long term (chronic) pain.
In this short video he explains how and why it works so well... why back pain sufferers should use one at home and why medics
should add one to their practice.
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