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What do Mobiliser users say?


"The next best thing to a hands-on therapist."

 - Sarah Key, Physio to HRH Prince Charles

" I hear only compliments about the Mobiliser and BackInAction. We've many Mobilisers in daily use in GB rowing, and took Mobi to Rio to help the rowers recover and maintain peak performance."*

 - Dr Lady Ann Redgrave. Osteopath, Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer to GB Rowing.

"After 23 years of sciatica my Osteopath suggest the Mobiliser. After six weeks almost all the symptoms had gone."*

 - NL. Accountant

What do Practitioners say?
“Ribble Valley Clinic, treat back pain using their unique spinal back massager & mobiliser. Back pain is common and affects most people at some point in their life.
The spinal mobiliser and back massager is ideal for restoring mobility in the spine. It is ideal for assisting rehabilitation following back injury, surgery, sciatica or just dealing with non-specific back pain..”*
 - NJD Sports Inuries Clinic
“At Backprakt, the Mobiliser is part of the treatment regime to enhance the quality of the patient’s experience and to achieve a deeper state of muscle relaxation.
The Mobiliser is very effective in relaxing the large muscles of the back: Trapezius; Latissmus Dorsii, as well as the deeper muscles such as Quadratus Lumborum, Erector Spinae, Splenus cervicus, Splenus capitus, Rhomboids and Scalenes.  
The mobiliser is also effective in massaging the Glutes, Hamstrings and calf muscles..”*
 - Dr Jim Logan - Backprakt, Vitality for Life
What do Medics say?


"I suffered with low back pain for 6 months despite chiro, physio and massage. I'm now drug free, and I can't believe the results."*

- M Collins. MD

" My pains of 30yrs have gone. "*

" My posture looks so young. "*

" I no longer need painkillers. "*

" I've stopped getting migraines. "*

" I breathe so freely and deeply. "*

" I cancelled my operation. "*

" I feel 20yrs younger and I'm thinner too. "*

"The Mobiliser is a genuinely brilliant piece of equipment... it has allowed me to help certain types of patients to a higher degree that was possible before we had one. At least 10 of my patients have bought one and so has a Chiro colleague after trying mine, I'll be in touch about getting another one in due course!"*

 - R Gubbay Chiropractor Summer 2016

"I feel refreshed and relaxed after using it and my sleep patterns are much more regular. It certainly helps me as part of a health and mobility regime that includes physio and exercise."*

 - Carl Hester, Olympic Gold Medalist.

What do Athletes say?


"Within two weeks the difference in my whole body was obvious... After four months I was back playing golf and I began to increase the intensity of the Mobiliser to seek further improvement."*

 - Bernard Gallacher, Ryder Cup Captain

"Using the Mobiliser in the build up to Le Mans helped because it would sort my back out, enabling me to train better. I even used it in the race. My back has become stronger and less of a problem."*

 - David Brabham, Winner Le Mans 24hr (bought a second for USA and won the USA Series).

NB, Testimonials on this site are genuine but all users are unique.  *Individual results can vary from person to person.

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